Cemal Sureya Poems

Event Promotion

Cemal Süreya

This design project and trailer by Dreamogram / I Mean It Creative is for a poetry reading of Süreya’s works.

Known as “the man who rewrote poetry”, Cemal Süreya is one of the most loved and unforgettable poets of Turkish literature. He was not only a notable member of the Second New Generation of Turkish poetry, but also a pioneer of the abstract and postmodern movement. Though often remembered for its erotic depiction, love is the most prominent character and popular theme of his works.

The poster makes use of the cut-up method, an equally experimental and controversial technique before it became wildly popular. The significance of this method is that cut ups, like poetry, is for everyone. Anybody can make a collage from cut ups, in fact, when you think about it, all writing is cut ups- a collage of words collected from different sources.

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