Galante & Genaux

Event Promotion

Galante & Genaux

Dreamogram / I Mean It Creative was recruited to design the marketing elements, including a short trailer, for a live event featuring Europa Galante and Vivicia Genaux’s, being held at the İş Sanat Concert Hall in İstanbul. This design project was for a concert of Europa Galante and Vivicia Genaux’s interpretation of Vivaldi.

Europa Galante is an Italian period-instrument Baroque orchestra, founded and led by violinist and chef Fabio Biondi. Genaux is an American mezzo soprano singer, known for her outstanding, dazzling and dramatic technique. Both Europa Galante and Vivicia Genaux are recognized for their success in playing and singing Vivaldi’s work. United by their love for 17th century Baroque music, these talented musicians teamed up with the power vocalist for an unforgettable evening of Vivaldi compositions.

The circular image in the key-art above, inspired by the conventional semi-circular shape of the Baroque orchestra ensemble stage set-up, represents the cohesiveness of the orchestra’s sounds and Genaux’s vocals. The focus in the middle of the circle and the image, just like with the performance itself, is Vivaldi.

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