Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Dreamogram / I Mean It was recruited to design the marketing elements for a series of live events being held at the İş Sanat Concert Hall in Istanbul.

This design project was for the Mahler Chamber Orchestra’s performance, led by chef François-Xavier Roth, with Holger Groschopp on piano, Stefan Dohr on the horn and Martin Piechotta on the timpani. The performance included compositions by György Ligeti, Joseph Haydn and Bohuslav Martinů.

The Mahler Chamber Orchestra consists of 45 musicians from 20 different nations. The figure in the poster is listening to Ligeti, Haydn and Martinu with a joyful facial expression, demonstrating that no matter the nation- the language of music is universal.

This key-art design also makes use of the collage technique. This technique, created by assembling fragments from different forms to make a new whole, has made a comeback in the last decade, especially in mixed-media and digital art forms. Its use can be interpreted as a celebration of the accessibility of art and the all-embracing quality of music.

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