Strauss Gala

Event Promotion

Strauss Gala

Dreamogram / I Mean It Creative was recruited to design the marketing elements for the Strauss Gala at Uniq Hall.

The Johann Strauss Gala is an event that combines Strauss’ musical compositions with opera, dance and theatre. It consists of the arts and styles that were popular in the 19th century during Strauss’ lifetime. Filled with polkas, waltzes, and operattas, this particular event featured chef John Rigby, soprano Lizzie Holmes and choreographer Alexandra Worral. The event is a quintessentially Viennese experience with glorious period costumes and elegant dancers in flamboyantly lavish outfits.

A festival of visuals.

We approached the marketing pieces for this festival of visuals with a simple and minimal style that highlights the most recognizable element of the Strauss gala: the waltz. Using the traditional formal attire of the dance and a single arm gesture, this design is able to capture and celebrate the​ heart of Vienna​, the crucial identifier of the event, while also delivering all the necessary information.

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