Yasar Kemal Stories

Event Promotion

Yasar Kemal Stories

Dreamogram / I Mean It Creative was recruited to design the marketing elements, including a short trailer, for a reading of Yaşar Kemal’s stories in İstanbul.

Turkish writer Yaşar Kemal is of Kurdish descent and known for his stories about rural life, as well as his outspoken advocacy for the dispossessed. He wrote one of the first Turkish novels to make a big international impact: İnce Memed​, known in English as ‘Memed, My Hawk’. The story focuses on the life of farmers and ordinary people in Çukurova and the Taurus mountains close to Adana, the south of Turkey.

The image for the key-art features Kemal’s signature glasses and a red poppy flower. In addition to symbolizing fragility of the human heart in Turkish culture, the poppy flower is also known as the flower of the Anatolia region, where Adana is.

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